A super-hero created by Charles Reizenstein & Hal Sharp for DC Comics. Mr. Terrific first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 in January 1942.

Terry Sloane grew up exceptional, a prodigy. He was gifted both mentally and physically, and was able to turn his great intellect into financial success. Bored with life and with lack of challenge in his pursuits, Sloane decided to end his life by throwing himself from a bridge. Before Sloane was able to carry through with his plan, he saw a young woman throw herself from the bridge. Acting on instinct, Sloane dove in after her and rescued her.

The woman was named Wanda Wilson and she explained to Sloane that she was driven to suicide by the actions of her younger brother. He had joined a criminal gang led by the mobster, the Big Shot.

Wilson's story gave Sloane a new purpose in life. He decided to take his skill and wealth and put them to a new life: fighting crime. Unlike many of his spandex-wearing colleagues, Sloane decided to be proactive in his fight against crime, forming a club for youth called the Fair Play Club to teach them right from wrong. But unlike Thomas Baden-Powell who just formed a boy's club, Sloane created a costumed identity known with the words Fair Play upon his chest. So was born Mr. Terrific.

Mr. Terrific fought crime for many years, becoming a member of both the All Star Squadron and the Justice Society of America. In Justice League of America #171, Mr. Terrific was killed by his arch-nemisis, the Spirit King who possessed the ability to possess others. The story written by Gerry Conway was rather arbitrarily written, killing off Mr. Terrific for seemingly no reason. Also, Conway introduced Mr. Terrific's arch-enemy in the same story where he killed Sloane.

Of late, another prodigy named Michael Holt has taken up the mantle of Mr. Terrific, using his gifts to fight crime.

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