Muine is a music player in development which is being coded by Jorn Baayen. Rhythmbox is a clone of iTunes. Jorn eventually decided to stop programming Rhythmbox and moved onto Muine. Muine is a very simple music player with some similar ideas to Rhythmbox which makes this program very powerful and refreshingly simple.

The latest trend in music players are to be able to categorize music by Band, Album, and Genre. Muine keeps this trend, but makes them much more simple. Muine will scan your home directory and then load them into an album listing or a song listing. If you click the album listing, you will see a list of the albums which were found, with the album cover (courtesy of Amazon) to the left of the band and title. You simply add it to the playlist and play your music.

On average, iTunes needs about 800x600 to run. Muine on the other hand, probably requires only 500x450. This is a compact program made for simplicity.

Muine is programmed using C# and Gtk# while using the gstreamer multimedia framework for the audio processing.

For the future, Jorn wants to add WMA support, MP4 support, tag editing, volume normalization, cross-fading, CD burning, and much more.

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