Elvis Costello's first album, released in 1977 on Columbia Records.

For the recording of this album, elvis was backed by the band Clover. most people prefer the more "rock" sound of his days with The Attractions but you'll never convince me that the man put out an album finer than this one.


  1. Welcome To The Working Week

  2. Miracle Man

  3. No Dancing

  4. Blame It On Cain

  5. Alison

  6. Sneaky Feelings

  7. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

  8. Less Than Zero

  9. Mystery Dance

  10. Pay It Back

  11. I'm Not Angry

  12. Waiting For The End Of The World

  13. Watching the Detectives

  14. the following are on the 1993 Rykodisk reissue
  15. Radio Sweetheart

  16. Stranger In The House

  17. Imagination (Is A Powerful Deceiver)

  18. Cheap Reward

  19. Jump Up

  20. Wave A White Flag

  21. Poison Moon

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