An even more pernicious variant of the ILOVEYOU virus, also first detected on May 4th, 2000.

In short, recipients of this virus never saw any syndromes of the ILOVEYOU virus because they weren't on any luser's address books and never got any e-mail.

And heck, let's face it - even a virus says "I care" in a manner in which stalwart silence can't help but fail to.

Not that deliberately infecting your friends is really that good a benchmark of high regard...

This node was stolen from an offhand remark made by someone (- looks like it was Uberfetus) last night on the Chatterbox. You snooze, you lose.

The remark is mine. It wasn't quite offhand -- I had been practicing that joke for hours. Oh well, it's OK, I figured someone would gank it. After all, NOBODYLOVESME.

My computer got infected by NOBODYLOVESYOU yesterday, my only emails being from the Kraftwerk mailing list and some spam from Cornell. Which is a shame, because I wanted to show off how my Mac is impervious to ILOVEYOU. I'll have to wait for the next world-crippling virus, I guess.

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