Celebrated every 19th of November since 2002, National Ammo Day is a call to all responsible gun owners to go out and buy at least 100 rounds of ammunition.

NAD is the brainchild of Kim du Toit and his wife, Mrs. du Toit. The objective was to create a day that would make people, in the United States at least, to remember and exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

The firearms and ammunition industry has suffered a serious decline in their earnings in the last few years as a result of frivolous lawsuits being hurled at them by special interest groups who are dead set on banning guns. NAD is a way of helping the industry and also keeping the spirit of gun ownership alive.

On November 19, go out and buy ammo. If you don't have a gun to use it for yet, then go out and buy a gun, then buy ammo.

Also see National Buy a Gun day. Now there's a good idea!

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