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A non-contact sport traditionally played by women, though mixed and male teams are becoming popular.
It is played by two teams, each of seven players.
The aim is to score as many goals as possible whilst preventing the opposing team from scoring. Goals are scored by throwing the ball into an open ended net which about 3metres high.
The court is split into 3 sections called thirds. Goals can only be scored in the final third of the court in an area called the circle but which is in fact a semicircle. Each goal is worth one point.

Each member of the team has a different function but bascially, 3 are defenders and 3 are attackers and 1 does both depending on what is necessary at that particular point in the match. Each player also has a designated area which is determined by their position.

Goal Shooter (GS) and Goal Attack (GA): These are the only players on the team who are allowed to score. Collectively known as "the shooters"
GS is only allowed in the final third of the court. Whereas GA can go into the centre third as well as the final third.
Wing Attack (WA) is the other attacking player. Their task is to get the ball to GS or GA so that they can score.
WA is allowed in the centre third and the final third but is NOT allowed in the circle.

Goal Keeper (GK) and Goal Defence (GD) mark GS and GA respectively; it is their job to try to defend the goal.
GK similar to GS is only allowed in the final third of the court and GD similar to GA is allowed in the centre third of the court.
Wing Defence (WD) marks WA and tries to prevent the ball from getting to WA or the other two shooters.
WD is allowed in the same places that WA is.

However there is a seventh player, Centre (C), this player is the pivotal member of the team as the circle is the only area of the court where C is not allowed. Thus those players who play this position are usually the fittest on the team.

The fundemental difference between Netball and Basketball is that you cannot run with the ball or bounce it. Once the ball is caught, then the player can only move one foot. There is a time limit of 3 seconds on how long one player can remain in possesion of the ball. Also a player who is marking the another who has possession of the ball has to be 3 feet away.

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