This product contains nicotine and therefore is illegal to sell to minors.

Commonly referred to as “The Patch”, Nicoderm CQ is a smokeless nicotine delivery system. The nicotine is mixed with ethylene vinyl acetate-copolymer, polyisobutylene, and high density polyethylene to create a gummy adhesive which is layered onto a polyester square. The end result is a rectangular sticker. This sticker is applied to clean, dry and hairless skin once every 24 hours, and the adhesive slowly melts with body heat, giving a fairly even dose of nicotine throughout the day. There is a period of intense itching within minutes of putting on a fresh patch, but this sensation subsides quickly and is virtually unnoticeable until it comes time to tear it from your body.

The purpose of this product is to aid in the abandonment of habitual and/or compulsive tobacco abuse by alleviating the physiological symptoms arising from nicotine withdrawal. This leaves the smoker free to focus on combating the behavioral half of cigarette addiction.

Nicoderm CQ comes in three sizes, 21mg, 14mg, and 7mg. A smoker of 10 plus cigarettes a day is directed to start with six weeks of wearing the 21mg patch (STEP 1), two weeks of the 14mg (STEP2), and two weeks of the 7mg (STEP 3). A full ten week total regimen currently costs roughly $200.00 US. A smoker of 10 or less cigarettes a day is to start with STEP 2 and use it for six weeks, then STEP3 for two weeks, and then discontinue. The purpose of these steps is to slowly wean the addict off of the drug .

It is my belief that the time period recommended by the box to use the patch is excessive (sold in boxes of 14 for $40.00 US) and I am now nearly four weeks into my attempt to prove it. I am already using the 7mg patch.

A smoker must quit immediately upon beginning a patch regimen in order to avoid an overdose. Symptoms of nicotine overdose include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness and rapid pulse. Care must be taken in the disposal of used patches because they still have enough nicotine to poison a child or a pet. Other problems that may arise from using the patch include heart palpitations and skin irritation such as swelling or rash.

If you have vivid dreams or other sleep disturbances, remove the patch at bedtime.

This warning I would like to point out, as I find this side effect most pleasurable. Sleeping has become more like imbibing a mild hallucinogen. Dreaming under a steady rain of nicotine seemingly lasts from the second you close your eyes till morning and is surprisingly clear, sequential, and at times even lucid.

I would say that it is nearly worth the forty bucks for two weeks of that much dream.

I recommend the patch for anyone who really wants to quit smoking, wants to renegotiate their relationship with tobacco as I do, and maybe even for the non-smoker who is interested enough in the realm of dream to enjoy or deeply value a bullet train commute for a couple of weeks as opposed to walking.

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