An interesting combination of two Japanese Nissans, the 180SX and the Silvia -- known in America as the Nissan 240SX hatchback and the Nissan 240SX coupe, respectively -- the Sileighty is one of the more unknown Japanese sports cars.

Originally created by 180SX owners who banged up their fast little cars while racing and needed to replace some body parts, the Sileighty (the name stemming from an almost un-clever combination of the "80" in 180SX and the "Sil" in Silvia) was created when the front end of the 180SX was swapped with the Nissan Silvia's. The Sileighty caught on fast, and drivers who hadn't even busted up their cars converted their 180SXes into Sileighties.

Eventually, even Nissan's eye was caught by these modified cars, and, seeking to make some easy money, began to make and sell their own, more powerful Sileighties, though very low-key: of course, since the Sileighty's origin was illegal street racing. Nissan manufactured very few Sileighties -- under 4000 were built during their entire run of production. As an added bonus to not chopping up your own 180SX, Nissan Sileighties were more powerful than the typical Nissan Silvia, with the specially tuned SR20DET engine producing a solid 224 bhp (compared to the top-of-the-line Silvia K's S13 SR20DET, which only churned out about 200).

The Sileighties didn't sell very well at first, but now they are a true rarity; you can find a Sileighty at auction for as much as an R32 Skyline GT-R, which is a far superior vehicle. A true Sileighty is distinguished by that name across its rear lights in place of the "180SX" that would normally reside there.

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