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Artist: Fugazi
Album: End Hits (1998)

hey what's your name?
do you feel the same way too?
siphon fuel
don't make a sound
and most of all
don't let me down

it comes as no surprise
we're destabilized

lock eyes
shared plan
no c.i.a.
could understand
defile define
xxx critique and salve

no c.i.a.
no n.s.a.
no satellite
could xx map our veins

Firstly, the italics, "xxx" mistakes, and lowercase are on purpose. That's how they appear in the lyrics booklet, so I've kept it here. On to the meaning of the song, at least according to me. This song is about the simple fact that if enough discontents exist within a given society, virtually everyone has a reason to be angry. In that case, tracing the paths and locations of resistance movements becomes virtually impossible, allowing them to operate more or less unimpeded, lost in a sympathetic crowd. One might also say that in a case such as this one in which the crowd picks its own leaders and actions by force, it becomes hard to argue with the crowd's choice, morally or practically. This is why we lost in Vietnam, and this is why we may never find Osama bin Laden. This is just what I think the song means, but I've tried also to illustrate it through creative pipe-linking.

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