The Fourth single from Stone Temple Pilots' fourth album, No. 4. The concept for the music video was to hold a concert and have the concert goers bring video cameras to document their experiences on the way to the concert as well as filming the actual concert itself. The first draft of the video was banned by MTV because of content. There were several shots depicting nudity, and S&M. A new version has been released with the S&M shots being replaced by different footage and the nudity being censored.

1987 movie about a military operation to find a Russian spy in the Pentagon, in order to cover up the murder of the Secretary of Defence's mistress. Make sense? Yeah, it's kind of confusing. You really have to see it. It's a really great movie. Honest. Lots of surprises.

Directed by Roger Donaldson.
Screenplay by Roger Garland.
Based on the book by Kenneth Fearing.


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