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The Nokia 7250i is a Smart Phone or Fashion Phone manufactured by Nokia of Finland, currently the leading manufacturer of cellular phones in the world.

It measures 105mm long, 44mm wide and 19mm deep and is therefore towards the smaller end of phones even by current standards. It weighs 92g with the standard battery, although don't let the small size of the battery deceive you - it gets a talk time of up to 5 hours and standby of over 12 days. It has a decent sized backlit full colour screen which, like most Nokia phones, displays power and signal strength bars on either side, general information in the middle, and the current meaning of the Soft Keys at the bottom.

It is a tri-band phone, meaning it works on the GSM 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz bands with automatic switching between all bands. It should therefore work all over Europe and the Far East, together with most major population centres in most of the rest of the world (even the USA which has traditionally used other technologies).

Data wise it supports traditional GSM data, HSCSD (similar to standard GSM at somewhat higher speeds), and also GPRS (sometimes called 2.5G). While this isn't as fast or as flexible as UMTS (3G), it's a good stepping stone.

On the play side, the main thing about the phone is the inclusion of a digital camera. While the quality isn't very good at all (320x256), it's more than enough for messing around. Pictures can be downloaded to your computer via the Infrared port or an appropriate data cable, sent directly to another Multimedia phone via SMS, or, if your provider supports it, directly to an E-Mail address. Pictures that you take can also be made into the background for the phone's display.

The phone also has a built in FM radio and speakerphone and it supports polyphonic ringtones.

It has a reasonably well featured organiser that allows you to set reminders, meetings etc, and a ToDo list. This can be synchronised with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes using the provided software. Unlike some phones in its class, it doesn't have a built in E-Mail client, but there are various IMAP compatible Java clients that can be installed on it. The only thing really missing is Bluetooth. Whether or not this is an issue is, of course, up to you.

Total user memory is 4 MB and this is shared between contacts, diary entries, ringtones, pictures etc. But given that most of these don't use much memory, and even pictures (given the resolution) are quite small, it goes quite a long way.

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