A nominalization is any member of a class of nouns that really describe processes. That is to say, that a nominalization is a verb that has been erroneously turned into a noun. The use of E-Prime and operational definitions are both ways to avoid using nominalizations incorrectly, as nominalizations are merely Aristotelian fallacies that in fact serve as examples of theology and demonology.

Testing for nominalizations:
Can I put X into a dumpster? - If not, then you're dealing with a nominalization. *
Can I define X using verbs rather than the "is of identity?"

Examples of Nominalizations:
We went for a drive.
What are your thoughts on the matter?
The mind is embedded in the brain.
That is a very abstract concept.
She has a bad cough.

* Of course there are those who say that all nouns are nominalizations. And those who say that "the gerund and the participle are necessities in a nominal (rather than ergative) language!"

See also: Thought Loop, Quantum Psychology, General Semantics, Reification, Simulacrum, Nominal.

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