March, July, October, May
The Nones are on the seventh day

um, except for the rest, which land on the fifth, and don't rhyme.

March 7, April 5, May 7, June 5, July 7, August 5, September 5, October 7, November 5, December 5, January 5, February 5

Nones (?), n. pl. [L. nonae, so called because it was the ninth day before the ides, fr. nonus ninth, from novem nine. See Nine, Nones, 2, Noon .]

1. Roman Cal.

The fifth day of the months January, February, April, June, August, September, November, and December, and the seventh day of March, May, July, and October. The nones were nine days before the ides, reckoning inclusively, according to the Roman method.

2. [F. none, fr. L. See Noon.]

The canonical office, being a part of the Breviary, recited at noon (formerly at the ninth hour, 3 P. M.) in the Roman Catholic Church.


The hour of dinner; the noonday meal.


At my supper and sometimes at nones. P. Plowman.


© Webster 1913.

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