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Babies are full of energy, especially after being in a cramped and shrinking space for 9 months. That's why so many are born kicking and screaming. Mr. Smith was not a baby and was not full of energy but he was in a sense being born. With a groan and a whimper Mr. Smith came back to life on his kitchen floor.


Pale, gray, and half covered in dried blood Mr. Smith looked like something come back from the dead. Struggling with every step Mr. Smith managed to find his way to bed, swallowing half a bottle of gin before drifting off to dream nice things like dying and staying dead.

Feeling ever so slightly better, Mr. Smith woke up and took a shower. It felt fantastic. After the water, steam and bubbles Mr. Smith went about the business of coming back to life, assuming of course that anyone noticed that he was dead. It turned out the latter was true. A full week had passed by since he slipped in his kitchen and the only person that noticed was his boss. A message left on his answering machine informed that after a full week of unexcused absences, he had been let go. His last check would be sent in the mail; Have a nice day. But as Mr. Smith reflected, that was okay. Assuming it wasn't all a dream he was now a paid employee of Hell with double his last salary! (Although Mr. Smith noted, benefits had not been mentioned.) So Mr. Smith contented himself to clean the blood and excrement from his kitchen, trusting the demons to be prompt with his new job and paycheck.

In the Beginning

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