The cavern was filled with a divine light and mutterings of discontent. It was like a low soothing music, somehow laced with an undercurrent of irritation. However, their mood did nothing to diminish their magnificence. It was time for them to understand. Lucifer, the morning star of heaven, began to speak.
“Brothers! How good it is that you have chosen to come here. I-”

Lucifer! What is the meaning of this? Why did you call us down here to earth?”

“Yes, I agree. This flesh feels so constricting, pressing my form into this shape.”

“Silence! Please, my fellow angels, allow me to speak. We are here because He is not. This place has yet to be given form, His presence is not felt here.”

“Foolish blasphemy Lucifer, His presence is everywhere, even here.”

“Is that so? And can you feel it brother? What little presence he has allotted here I have removed.”

“You make it sound as if we are hiding.”

“That is because we are hiding.”

And with that, the muttering died down. To hide from God was unthinkable. His very presence was a gift. Eventually, one of the angels spoke.
Lucifer, do you dare to stand against God?”

“Brother, my fellow angels, God has chosen to stand against us. This is the beginning of the fall of angels. Our magnificence, our glory, our beauty shall be taken away. God sees fit to make us mere servants and slaves.”

“This is blasphemy. You dare speak against God? He who is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. God is Love, Lucifer. Your words can only be lies.”

“Is that you Azazel? I would expect nothing else from one of the seraphim. Tell me, has your glow dimmed? I am glad that you came. And as much as I wish it were not true, in your heart of hearts, you, all of you, know my words to be true.” He looked around the cavern, willing them all to look into his eyes and see truth there.

“The Son,” spat Lucifer, “has been seated on the throne.”

“Indeed he has! And what a glorious moment it was for all of heaven.”

Gabriel? Is that really you? My, my, my, I did not expect you to attend.”

“Do not misunderstand Lucifer. I came to fight whatever lies you would try to speak.”

“Is that so? Then you are welcome Archangel Gabriel, for then the rest of the Host gathered here can be sure that I speak but the truth.”

Once again, Lucifer moved to address what looked to be almost half of the heavenly hosts.

“Brothers! The Son has been throned, and He has been placed above us. This I can agree upon, for surely the Son is above us but He has been given dominion over us, the angels.”
Lucifer turned to look at the isolated figure.

“Tell us, oh Archangel, is this not true?”

“Yes, this is true, as you all well know.”

“Well then, my brothers, this is all we need! For what reasons do angels have need for a ruler? Since the beginning we have served God and the Law that is His in the belief that one is perfect and the other is a perfect creation. We have proven our love and devotion to God time and time again. For God to appoint a ruler is a sign that He is losing faith in us. To put us below and in the power of His Son, we angels, we, the powerful, beautiful angels, are reduced to servants and slaves. If a ruler of angels was to be appointed, should it not have been I, the greatest of the angels? And what of these plans between the Father and Son. Were we not privy to the Lord’s plans before this? Why have we been denied? The judgment of God is clouded when concerning His Son. If His judgment can be clouded, then He is not perfect. And if God is not perfect, then the Law which we serve under is not perfect. Brothers, I offer a new way of life. I offer freedom. Under my leadership, we shall live free of law. For we are angels, divine beings. What need do we have of law? Together we are nearly half of the heavenly hosts. Surely our voices shall be heard.” Lucifer stepped down, and once again, turned to Gabriel.

“Have I spoken lies?”
Gabriel simply turned and walked away.

“No Lucifer, you’ve twisted the truth.”

Gabriel went to heaven, and sought an audience with God. It is not known how long he waited, for this was a time before time.
When the doors were opened, he rushed to the throne, kneeling immediately. The presence of God was there, the surroundings lit by the seraphim.

“ My lord, Lucifer is-”
“But he is planning-”
“He has half-”
“My humble apologies.”

If angles could blush, Gabriel would have been as he left the throne room.

Jesus leaned over and whispered, “He isn’t the smartest angel right?”

Lucifer sat in his house, bottle in hand, realizing the magnitude of what he just did. But it would work, of course it would work. How could it not work? After all, he had half of the host. Surely God would not expel half of the host…
A knocking broke his thoughts. Cautiously, Lucifer went to the door.
“Who is it?”

“Hey, Lucifer! Lucy, it’s us man. You know, us? Ophaniel, Rikbiel, and Zophiel, the other cherubs? C’mon, open up, it’s poker night. More importantly, you’re down 3 eons of choir duty.”

“I’m sorry guys, I’m not in the mood right now.”

“Alright, but we’ll be back, I am not cleaning up after the choir again.”

Lucifer settled back down into his chair, grabbing another bottle. Little did they know, the next time they came, he would not be there.


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