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Bright and early, there was a knock on the door and Mr. Smith promptly went to answer it. Even after a week without employment Mr. Smith maintained a rigid schedule. To fill up the time he had taken up fly fishing and had completed two very fine lures. A familiar face was at his door.

"Good Morning Mr. Smith. I apologize for my tardiness, I was delayed."
"It's quite alright. I'm sure you had your reasons and, in fact, the break was quite enjoyable. I finally had the time to pursue a few hobbies I had always wanted to."
"I'm glad that it was not a problem. Now, about your new job."
"Oh yes! I am quite free at the moment. I suppose dying was an inconvenience to my old boss so he let me go."
"Well then, I'd imagine you are eager to get back to work."
"Oh indeed. By the by what sort of work will I be doing?"
"You will be working at the Crystal Cathedral as an accountant. I believe that you were an accountant in your previous job?"
"Yes, yes I was. The Crystal Cathedral? I'm to work at the Crystal Cathedral, a church, for hell?"
"Yes Mr. Smith."
"I suppose I'll be behind enemy lines then eh? Subterfuge and all that?"
"No Mr. Smith, you will be an accountant."
"Oh. Well then. Incidentally, how does a demon go about getting a job at a church?"
"Hell has always had dealings with the Roman Catholic Church. After all, the first Pope denied He Who Shall Not Be Named three times. We simply called one of our contacts and had it arranged."
"Oh. Splendid then. Will I be starting right away? Without an interview or anything?"
"No, there will still be an interview amongst a few other things but it's merely a formality. You are guaranteed the job but please remain professional."
"Of course. Of course. When will my interview be?"
"You will be contacted in the usual way by the church concerning your interview. Once your job has started our contact will brief you concerning your reports to hell."
"Good, good. It sounds like you've thought of everything. I'll be in your hands then."
"We've been doing this for a long time Mr. Smith. You can trust us. Enjoy the rest of your day."
"Thank you. You as well."

And with that, the demon left and Mr. Smith was once again left to his own devices. A few days later he received a notice in the mail with a date and time for his interview. And on that day Mr. Smith woke up bright and early, wore his best suit and arrived 15 minutes early, unaware of the tests that lay before him.

In the Beginning

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