OTK stands for, simply, Over The Knee.

In case you don't have any childhood traumas to connect this with, I'll put it into context for you: OTK is the traditional, most widely used, preferred by 9 out of 10, "best practice" position for spanking.

I haven't researched this, but my guess is that as soon as humans evolved from squatting on cave floors to sitting on rocks, mothers instictively came up with the idea of sitting down and dragging their children across their lap to give them some negative reinforcement in an area where bodily pain is least likely to be associated with bodily injury. The spankee's torso can be somewhat controlled with one arm while the buttocks are raised into a position very conveniently accessible to a hand swinging on the other arm.

I wouldn't spank my kids, but then I'm not a parent so what do I know? I won't go into the politics and ethics of child rearing here because I'm pretty sure OTK has nothing to do with spanking children. Guessing again, I'd say that OTK is firmly rooted in the world of adults who spank each other because it turns them on, and originated in the primordial alphabet soup that spawns the TLAs1 and other acronyms that spring up where HNGs2 and their offline brethren strive to get some T&A3, such as IRC4:

#SPANKING: BadBoy has just entered the room.
StrictMom: ... so whenever Johnny forgets to wipe his feet at the door I give him a thorough OTK spanking. BadBoy: OUCH! YOU SOUND LIKE MY KINDA MOMMY
BerthaSmacks: Boys! You'd think that after a certain age they'd learn! BTW5, how old is Johnny?
StrictMom: He just turned 45. I had *so* much fun making him stand in the corner after his birthday spanking!
An alternative scenario is the world of personal ads, where you pay by the word or letter:

Assuming you're into "sensuous spanking", here are some advantages of OTK over other spanking positions:

  • It allows for spontaneity. No special furniture required, no ritual, no equipment – just drag your partner across your lap and warm their fanny.
  • It's very intimate. The spankee is lying directly on the spanker's legs and can touch them if desired. There's a lot of physical closeness. The spanker can feel the spankee squirm and wiggle in response to the "treatment". It's a win-win.
  • It's a good position for small arm motions, not swinging a huge tool like a tawse, cane or whip. The OTK position goes well with a ruler, hairbrush, wooden spoon or –best of all– the bare hand as a spanking implement.

From what I hear, a lot of very "nice", "straight" and "decent" women, many of them married, who would rather die than admit to being in the least bit kinky, like to have their posteriors warmed up a bit as (part of) their foreplay. Naturally, their preferred position is OTK.


  1. Three Letter Acronym
  2. Horny Net Geek
  3. Tits & Ass
  4. Internet Relay Chat
  5. By The Way
  6. Straight (or single) White Male
  7. In Search Of
  8. guess!
  9. Anal Sex

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