In the USA and Canada, fanny is a synonym for ass, buttocks, et al, in polite company. In Britain and the rest of the English-speaking world, fanny is another word for vagina, pussy, quim, etc. See also: fanny batter.

Interestingly enough, Fanny/Fannie is also a feminine name, apparently a colloquial form of Frances or Francis.

Another word of similar differences in the USA and UK would be pants.

A packed dessert marketed by the Finnish dairy company, Valio. It closely resembles chocolate mousse (a kind of milky foam), except it is also available sans chocolate. The other flavours include peach and apricot, strawberry and blueberry.

Fanny desserts only contain 0.2g fat per 100g and are very low on lactose, making them a favourite among the Finnish Weight Watchers and children with lactose-intolerance.

Currently, the desserts can be purchased in two different containers, 150g and 500g. (In Finnish)

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