A primary tool of the discerning supervillain, construction of these deadly weapons involves exposing a pair of rare OmniRubies to high levels of cosmic radiation. Once active, the rubies may be placed into a framework which is worn over the eyes. It is strongly advised that you work out some alternate vision plan, perhaps AtomoVision or the mystic Crimson Eye of Vengeance, since the radiation from the rubies will quickly destroy the soft tissue of the eyes. The beams which emanate from the OmniRubies may be triggered manually, but maximum effectiveness is achieved by wiring a trigger from the goggles through the optic nerve directly into the brain.

Only the very strongest of structures can withstand even a single blast from the Omni-Beam Goggles, and the average human is even more fragile. Unfortunately, any flaw in your artificial vision can lead to an inconvenient reduction in accuracy, allowing innocent bystanders, incompetent henchmen, and stalwart heroes to escape your fury. Even more frustrating are those disgusting do-gooders who can stand up to your attacks, either through powerful armor or through freakish metahuman powers -- luckily, they can usually be worn down through repeated exposure to the Omni-Beams.

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