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An animated music video roughly 6 minutes long, that was shown in Japanese theaters along with a full-length feature, Whispers of the Heart. Hayao Miyazaki directed the Studio Ghibli production, which is set to the song (really) "On Your Mark", by the pop duo Chage & Aska.

The video concerns an injured angel apparently captured by some monolithic religious cult, which is violently liberated by some monolithic government agency. Two men who work in the agency feel guilty about this, since the angel is sealed in a clean room rather than being freed. So they bust her out.

The amount of emotion and plot in this short video is remarkable. I found myself moved to tears by a song whose lyrics I couldn't understand. The animation quality is typically gorgeous, and the short generally transcends the term "music video".

As far as I know, the only way to get this short on video is to buy the huge Ghibli LD Box Set, "Ghibli ga Ippai" (Full of Ghibli), or buy the Japanese release of Whispers of the Heart, which I believe includes the video. Alternatively, you could have a friend who has one or the other copy it off for you. Disney probably owns the rights to On Your Mark, although if and how they will release it is unclear.

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