Two irreverent radio personalities currently on 102.7 FM in the New York area. They original started in Boston, but were fired for a segment in which they implicated that the mayor of Boston was dead. They're infinitely grosser than Howard Stern, but I'm strangely addicted to them anyway. The other on-air "personality" is known simply as Spazz, and he's the guy who screens the calls. He's also a complete buffoon, and just about half of every show, if not more, is devoted to making fun of him and just about every facet of his life. The News in Review that Spazz narrates every Friday was especially popular (he has since been fired).

UPDATE: O&A signed a new contract with WNEW in May of 2001. They won the right to mention Howard Stern on the air by name (they had previously been unable to because both WNEW and Howard Stern are owened by Infinity Broadcasting and Stern had complained about them.) They also became syndicated in 10 major radio markets around the country, including Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. So, there's a much better shot you'll be able to tune into them if you're somewhere in the United States--check your local radio listings.

Opie and Anthony have been fired from 102.7 WNEW after two contestants and one staff member were arrested for having sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral (New York City, New York) during the Sex for Sam contest.

In Sex for Sam, couples are given a certain number of points for having sex in different places around New York.

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