Synopsis: Joe Young, a Mormon missionary from Utah accidentally stumbles upon an adult movie set as he travels door to door. After demonstrating his Kung Fu skills, the director immediately casts him as the hero in his film "Orgazmo".

On the set Joe meets Choda Boy (Orgazmo's sidekick). Life imitates art and they have many strange adventures using the orgazmorator to fight crime. Eventually, Joe is reunited with his fiancee and everyone lives happily ever after

Trey Parker rides again. It is a living tribute to both Troma and porn alike. It is a comedy, but the title and plot alone make many be fooled into believing it was a porno. It's not. It's a funny movie with cheap punch lines and offensive behavior. It is the day in the life of one Mormon. A Mormon on a quest to be married at the temple in Salt Lake City; and if he has to be a Hollywood whore, then so be it.

"Doggonit, Ben! I'm not a superhero. I'm a Latter Day Saint."

Orgazmo is a low budget live action film by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. In their typical style, it spans the full range of humour, from crude sexual and toilet humour, through to jokes that betray their well known Monty Python influences, all the way to Charles Dickens quotes.

While simultaneously sending up porn, Mormonism and martial arts films (none of which are things I can claim to be very knowledgeable about), Orgazmo still adheres to the monomyth, and is arguably at least as well written as most serious films.

Due to its small budget and its sexual subject matter unfairly giving it an NC-17 rating in the US, it's not as popular as their next live action film, Baseketball. This is, in my opinion, crazy. In spite of its subject matter, it doesn't have any explicit sexual content beyond a quick glimpse of an actress's breasts or an actor's hairy bum. While you wouldn't exactly watch this film with your family, everything that happens is played for laughs, never arousal. Nevertheless, the MPAA fear the general public discovering sex, as Stone and Parker talk about in This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

All in all, aside from a few puerile fart jokes and breast related tacky sound effects (seriously, Yanks, us Brits have moved on from Benny Hill), this is generally a funny film. If you like South Park, this is clearly the same kind of humour by the same people. It's not great, but it is underrated.

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