One of the many fatal conditions that is common among smokers. This condition always happens at the worst of times, like when you have no money, or you are 2 hours away from the nearest store. Also frequently happens in bars where smokes cost $7.50 (CDN).

The patient may feel the following uncontrollable symptoms: extreme uneasyness, irritability, intense craving and withdrawl.

Commonly used statements from people affected by this nasty condition:
  • "Damn, I really need to quit.."
  • "Hey man, can I bum a smoke?"
  • "Ray.. lend me 6 bucks.."
  • "I'll give you a dollar for one.. please? PLEASE!!!!"
  • "You are such a lifesaver!"
If you see one of your friends displaying two or more of these symptoms, call the the nearest convenience store immediately!

There are only two known cures: somehow get your hands on a cigarette, or wait a couple of weeks for your body to stop craving nicotine (heh.. whatever).

Final notes:
This condition should be avoided at all costs through one of the following methods:
  1. Quit/don't start smoking

  2. or more preferably:
  3. Find the $6 required for another pack and chainsmoke for half an hour... mmmm
Remember: People who don't smoke will never die

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