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I have yet to see a node on having sex outdoors, so as my virgin node, this is it. My loving, beautiful, caring boyfriend and I have tasted the fruit of sex in tall grass on a late spring evening, and let me tell you: aforementioned fruit is tasty.

First off, pick a location that's fairly secluded. There's a little forest area behind my house with a nice clearing suitable for sweaty, lustful exercise. Unless you're an honest-to-god exhibitionist, don't fuck in a *really* public place.

Secondly, determine if you're the type that wants to go it the natural way (i.e. rolling about in the grass, getting wet in more than one way) or if you don't feel like picking grass out of your nether-regions, select a nice big blanket. A nice Mexican blanket is always good, but make sure you can wash it.

Third. Enjoy. The fun in outdoor sex is the curious exhibitionism, the beauty of the settings (the wind on your skin, the smell of grass in your partner's hair, the way your lover's body looks framed with yours and the earth's) and lastly, but not leastly, the pure coital fun of sex. It's fun indoors, so make sure it's just as much fun outdoors. You're not doing anything different, but your visceral efforts are accentuated by your surroundings. Just remember not to try too hard- sometimes the fun in sex outside is the feeling of spontaneity.

In conclusion, sex is fun, but can be more fun when rolling about in the grass.

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