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Pablo's Inferno is an independently self-published five issue comic book series by Rhode Montijo and Dan Chapman. It tells the tale of the journey of Pablo, a little boy who one day goes out to get milk and a candybar, but who ends up travels through Hell on a journey of mythological proportions.

Along the way Pablo meets up with a number of memorable characters:

  • The Devil's Cards - These four clowns who seem to be warped versions of the card soldiers from Alice in Wonderland are in charge of Limbo. In Limbo they are to keep the souls of the departed before they move on to their final destination. As Pablo makes his way through he looks through the circus freakshow where he meets Quetzal.
  • Quetzal - After breaking free of his confines in Limbo Quetzal helps Pablo to move to saftey. Quetzal is a mysterious lanky blue figure whose mouth has been sewn shut but who is able to fly. Quetzal, who is named after the rare blue feathered bird of Mexico whose feathers were used for the headdresses of Aztec kings, transports Pablo and himself to the realm of Huehueteotl by having Pablo eat a sugar skull with his own name on it.
  • Huehueteotl - The Old Fire God heals Pablo and charges him with a quest for finding various objects throughout Mexico. Upon completion of the quest Pablo might be able to return to life.
Pablo's Inferno is about more than just the travels of a little boy through Hell. It is a story dripping with the history and mythology of the Mexican people. Throughout the series from the way characters are portrayed to things that are spoken of a strong sense of pride in Mexican folklore and history pervades everything. Quetzal is always explaining something about Dia de los Muertos or Aztec numerology and Huehueteotl is modeled off of Aztec statues.

With so much passion for what is behind the story it is not surprising that the creators won the 1999 Xeric Grant (a grant for self publishers). The comic is a beautiful homage to a great and varied people.

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