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Pronounced "KET-sal".
  1. The National Bird of Guatemala. It is a jungle bird that has green plumage, and is distinguished by its long, thin, colorful tail feathers.

    According to Mayan myth, it was prophecized that the popular mortal-god Quetzalcoatl would never die. A jealous rival who wished to become chief of Quetzalcoatl's tribe realized that if this was true, he could not wait for Quetzalcoatl to die of natural causes. So one day, while Quetzalcoatl was walking in the woods without his protective amulets, the man shot poisoned arrows at the diety. Quetzalcoatl was mortally wounded, but as soon as he hit the ground, he was transformed into a beautiful bird, that still lives in the jungle today.

    Unfortunately, the current situation is that slash and burn agriculture and poachers may soon finish the job the unknown assassin started long ago.

  2. Also the national currency of Guatemala. As of 2001, it fluctuates around Q7.75 per dollar, and is gradually rising.

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