Pacífico, mainly brewed in Cervecería del Pacífico, located in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, is well known for its brilliant pale gold color and distinctive label.

It is a brand that has existed since the beginning of the century, being distributed regionally in the North Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Thanks to Cervecería Modelo.

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that you will never forget, as long as you live?

My wife and I were in Maui a few years ago and ate at a place called Pacific’O. The restaurant sits on the beach that King Kamehameha III selected for his residence in the ancient Hawaiian capital known as Lahaina. This was the greatest meal of my life for several reasons.

First of all, we sat at a table out on the beach itself, at sunset. The sea breeze and the colors of the sunset were just perfect. The waiter was fantastic; just enough small talk and jocularity to make it interesting, but he knew when to leave you alone, as well. And the food! Not only was the fresh fish just the best I've ever had anywhere, but the appearance of the food on the plates was a work of art.

The Executive Chef now is James McDonald; I can only assume it was the same guy back then.

I don't remember what I paid for this meal, but it would have been worth ten times as much. Highly recommended if you're ever in Maui.

Pa*ci"fi*co (?), n. [Sp. See Pacific.]

A peaceful person; -- applied specif. by the Spaniards to the natives in Cuba and the Philippine Islands who did not oppose the Spanish arms.

While we were going through the woods one of the pacificos pointed to a new grave.
Harper's Weekly.


© Webster 1913

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