A common claim made by breakfast cereal advertisements. The breakfast they show in the commercials invariably has lots more stuff than just the cereal. Usually some toast, OJ, and milk. probably some other stuff too, although I can't remember since its been a long time since I saw a commercial for cereal. Basically the point is that cereal on its own is not a balanced breakfast. You have to add lots more stuff to your breakfast before it is balanced, and in fact, the cereal is not a significant part of the breakfast at all by the time it is balanced. This is an example of a misleading claim.

Usually this claim is made about a cereal during the brief moment where the bowl of cereal is shown on a table surrounded by orange juice, toast, fruit and milk. I think I've even seen a plate of pancakes on the table once, subtly faded out behind the bowl of featured cereal. Using that kind of weasel claim, the napkin could even be considered 'part of that good breakfast.'

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