Product disclaimer for things that need batteries, but for which such batteries as are needed are not sold along with the product. Most things that need batteries are sold this way, except for cars, some flashlights, and a few other miscellaneous exceptions.

Charming, heartwarming, utterly unforgettable mid-eighties flick by Steven Spielberg involving some couked-out space aliens comprised of metal mechanisms who come down from outer space to challenge the inhabitants of a New York apartment building who could use a little uplifting, uncanny craziness for once in their down-trodden lives. Included then-cutting-edge electro-shock special effects and fairy believable cut-and-paste animation. Stars Jessica Tandy of Driving Miss Daisy fame, and her husband, you know, that old dude from Cocoon (no, not Steven Gutenberg!)

Safe for children.

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