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If I hadn't just heard it in a Future Shop store today, I probably would not have written about this song by Eddie Murphy. Yes, he cut this song back around the mid-80s when he was just beginning to enjoy the taste of superstardom. The video shows him in the recording studio with Rick James ("Superfreak" aka the song that MC Hammer stole), singing in some kind of high-pitched voice. I think my 92-year old grandmother could sing the song better than that, even though she doesn't speak a word of English. Anyway, the song talks about some girl who likes to party all the time. I wonder if he was singing about Whitney Houston, whom he was allegedly involved with back then. Of course, she's doing plenty of partying now with her hubby, Bobby Brown. Hey, Whitney! Save some of that chronic for me!
Not that I've ever met a girl who likes to party all the time...then again, I should probably try to get invited to parties more. Good ol' Eddie followed up this song with "I Was King" with Shabba Ranks (does anybody remember him?). Thank God he's only making movies now.

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