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As a world community, we must work to make all points of the planet accessible to all people. To make this possible, it has been suggested that 92.8% of the land mass of Earth be paved. There are many reasons that this would work, but I will list the biggest concerns people might have, as well as the advantages.

The first concern that most people will have is that we will run out of oil by-product to make enough asphalt for the project. While resources of oil are limited, after running out of oil, concrete could be used to complete the project. Cars would be required to run on electric or solar power, but this would be a good thing because we wouldn’t have the pollution caused by cars making the atmosphere filthy.

In countries like Brazil and Columbia, drug cartels would no longer flourish, because they would no longer have land available to grow and harvest drug products. This would be very advantageous for countries, which outlaw drugs. Unfortunately, a paved world would make borders very difficult to guard because people could enter at any point along a country’s border.

Another advantageous point is that we would take less time to get where we had to go. Police would no longer have to patrol “roadways” or “highways” because they wouldn’t exist, just people driving in one global “arena.” Therefore, citizens of Earth could travel at whatever speeds they wish. Every location would be a straight shot from everywhere else. This would be true for everywhere except large bodies of water, which would have to be driven around, or eliminated by building vast holding tanks for the water.

Useless organizations such as the “World Wildlife Federation” (WWF) and the “Environmental Protection Agency” (EPA) could be abolished. This would make way for new organizations to govern the World Accessible Super Highway (WASH). After the world has been WASHed, or in layman’s terms, after the super highway has been built, the WWF and EPA will have no environment or wildlife to protect, at it will have been paved over. This will serve two purposes, the paved over animals will become oil for later use, and there will be no more deer that would obstruct a person’s driving, and possible kill them.

Finally, I mentioned earlier that I believe that we should pave 92.8% of the land. Many would criticize me for not being a purist, 3.2% should go to farming, so that the planet could still survive. 2% should go to procurement of resources (mining). And another 2% should go to Switzerland, so that it can maintain its natural beauty.

I firmly believe that the WASH will help the world realize its dream of becoming one world community in which we all live together, and have access to everyone else. The WASH would eliminate a lot of the problems we have today with resources, drugs, environmental conservation and many other areas. For those reasons and others, I urge the people of this planet to come together to start construction of this great triumph in the human condition.

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