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Pedro Infante, was born in Guamuchil,Sinaloa, on December 17, 1917. In 1937, Pedro Infante sang for the first time in public at a local festival in Sinaloa. He performed in concert halls, interpreting the songs of Alberto Cervantes, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Cuco Sanchez, Tomas Mendez, Ruben Fuentes, Salvador Flores, and many more.
His movie career began in 1942. Infante also brought us the memorable character of Pepe "El Toro," in the movies Nosotros Los Pobres, Ustedes Los Ricos, and Pepe, El Toro.
In 1947, Pedro Infante was involved in the first of three airplane accidents that he would have in his life. However, his love of flying kept him going back into the air. In 1949, he was involved in another plane crash near Zitacuaro, Michoacan. He suffered serious injury to his head. After a successful three hour surgery and many hours of praying, the Mexican people could breathe a sigh of relief. Following some rehabilitation, he went on to make more movies.
Infante also did a tour of the United States, concentrating on New York and Texas. On April 15th of 1957, Infante woke up early and rode his Harley Davidson motorcycle to the airport. His love of flying brought about his death that day. He was killed in a plane crash near Merida, Yucatan. At 11:15, Manuel Bernal, of the radio station XEW, announced, "He muerto Pedro Infante" ("Pedro Infante has died.") Newspaper headlines read: "Pedro Infante Perished Yesterday in an Airplane he Co-Piloted," and "Astonishment, Mourning, and Pain from the Death of an Actor."
That day, forty years ago, was declared a national day of mourning in Mexico. All the radio and television stations of Mexico gave programs in homage to their idol, practically playing Infante's songs and movies all day. In many households on Sunday afternoons, one can find people watching the old Pedro Infante movies. Though he made millions, he always represented the common poor carpenter he once was. Infante was a symbol of someone who had worked himself up from nothing. To many Latin Americans, he wasn't just an actor and singer, but much, much more. Forty years have done nothing to erase his influence and to this day, flowers are taken to his grave every year.


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