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Lifespan: 2990 (III) - 70 (IV)
Origin: The Shire

Peregrin "Pippin" Took, son of Paladin, was one of the four hobbits to accompany Frodo on his Quest of Mount Doom. He was a lifetime friend of Meriadoc Brandybuck, and the two were captured by orcs at Parth Gallen. Escaping together, they ventured into Fangorn Forest and helped to bring about the destruction of Isengard.

Pippin was within Minas Tirith before, during, and after Sauron's besieging; here the halfling met Steward Denethor II, bringing news of his son, Boromir's death. Swearing allegiance to Denethor, Pippin became the first citizen of the Shire to join the elite Guard of the Tower of Gondor.

Peregrin survived the War of the Ring and returned to his homeland. After working the lead in healing Saruman's handywork, he became very popular. In a few years, he became Thain and took a Peter the Great-esque role. With the help of Meriadoc, he is believed to have assembled the Tale of Years, a history of the Second and Third ages of Middle-Earth. At the Great Smials in the Westfarthing, he assembled a library, filling it with works dealing with the history of the men of NĂºmenor. Finally, quite atypically of a hobbit, he reinforced contact with the outside world, and with nations of men (particularly Gondor and Rohan).

Pippin spent the last years of his life with Merry in Minas Tirith. He maintained his allegiance to Gondor under King Elessar, and when he finally died, he was buried in Rath Dinen.

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