Samwise Gamgee (aka "Sam"), son of Hamfast and Bell Gamgee, was born in the year 2983 in the Shire. Sam had a particular affinity for his pony, Bill, and for the elvish people.

A lifelong friend of fellow hobbit Frodo Baggins, he accompanied Frodo on his journey to Rivendell in 3019 where he became a member of The Fellowship of the Ring.

When Frodo broke from the Fellowship at Parth Galen, Sam refused to be left behind, and so traveled with Frodo all the way to Mordor. After Frodo's poisoning by Shelob, Sam recovered the One Ring, and was briefly a ring-bearer. Sam and Frodo went together to the cracks of Doom to destroy the Ring on March 25, 3019.

After the War of the Ring, Samwise returned, with the other Hobbits of The Fellowship, to the Shire and helped rid it of Sharkey and all the corruption that had befallen it. Sam married Rose Cotton on May 1, 3020. Together they had thirteen children, one of which was named Frodo.

On September 29, 3021, Sam witnessed the departure of the ring-bearers and the Keepers of the Rings to the Grey Havens. Living into the Fourth Age, Sam succeeded Mayor Will Whitfoot after his resignation in 3027. Sam remained mayor until 3076, serving seven terms.

On September 22, 3082, after completing the Red Book, Sam rode to the Grey Havens. He passed over the sea at the age of 102, last of the ring-bearers.

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