For over two decades, Intex has set the standard for innovation and excellence in inflatables and you can expect excellence in every Intex inflatable purchase. Contemporary design from Europe, Asia and America, high grade materials and tough manufacturing specifications are combined to bring you the industry's largest and most popular brand of inflatables. The inflatable soft-sided pirate ship, sword fight set, treasure chest and water cannon is one-of-a-kind and fun for everyone!

The Pirate Ship Play Center Playground Pool is manufactured by Intex, weighs approximately ten pounds, and measures 110" x 66" x 19". But these off-the-box facts do not being to describe the fun that is the Pirate Ship Play Center Playground Pool.

The Pirate Ship Play Center Playground Pool comes with a built-in floating cannon, a mast with a flag for the Jolly Roger, and a real turning ship's wheel. It also keeps 200 beers cool for an entire evening of drunken fun! Also included are two inflatable swords and two inflatable shields for drunken reenactments of The Princess Bride or even (God forbid) Cutthroat Island.

Not to be outdone by other pirate ship play center playground pools, the Pirate Ship Play Center Playground Pool also comes with an inflatable treasure chest, perfect for holding large bottles of whiskey or bourbon. And at a cost of only $24.99, why would you choose a traditional, bulky, un-fun cooler for your temporary beer refridgeration needs? It just doesn't make sense.

Best of all... the Pirate Ship Play Center Playground Pool is fully detailable. Just strap a piece of duct tape on the side, and come up with a clever idea for your very own pirate ship name. Combine it with a recently purchased charcoal grill, and a proj2501 turntable, and you're ready for a night of drunken revelry! And that's the best kind of revelry, folks!

Disclaimer: If you weren't in Chelmsford on the 11th, this probably makes no sense.

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