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PixStream is a relatively new company (just a bit past the startup stage) located in Waterloo, Ontario. It is a high-tech firm that designs and builds hardware and software products to distribute video content over packet networks in MPEG format. For example, a telephone company could use PixStream gear to collect video from various sources, and distribute that video to their customers over ADSL or VDSL. Then the telephone company could compete with the cable company to deliver television service.
Update Aug 31, 2000:
PixStream has now been acquired by Cisco Systems, for $369 million (US$).
Update May, 2001:
Cisco decided to "transition out of" the PixStream business, and is getting rid of everyone who worked for PixStream and closing the office. The actual deal closed in late December, 2000, so they paid about half a billion ($CAD) to own the company for four months.

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