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The organization says of itself: "Ploughshares is published in April, August, and December in quality paperback" and that it is "known for its compelling fiction and poetry."

Getting in Ploughshares is a big deal if you are a poet. Getting your poetry published is this magazine is easier if you have been on the scene and are making a name for yourself.

They usually have a guest-editor who is a a prominent writer. They say that this big shot is a writer who "explores personal visions, aesthetics, and literary circles. "

Ploughshares was founded in 1971 by "a group of writers regularly gathered in a little Irish pub, the Plough & Stars, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to discuss art, literature, and politics..." who were " frustrated by the lack of a literary outlet in New England for new writers."

"They wanted a journal that would wake up the staid and stuffy publishing world, a journal that would show the establishment what strong and vibrant voices were coming from this new generation of writers. " Now, they are known as the very type of literary journal that they fought against.

They may be found at:http://www.pshares.org

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