One ounce vodka, one ounce hazelnut liqueur. Stir well and pour over ice. The vodka cuts some of the syrupiness of the hazelnut.

Polish Style Coffee. The Poles make coffee very strong, like the Greeks. A tall flat bottomed glass has a large spoonful of grounds placed in it. Then boiling water is poured over the coffee and a little or a lot of sugar is added. My grandfather occasionally said that he liked his coffee, "As black as the Devil’s Heart and sweet as a stolen kiss." It is definitely not traditional in Poland to add either milk or cream.

Usually it is not put into a cup either, but a glass. Affectionately called "spit-coffee" by drinkers because of the reaction of anyone who unwisely gets to the sludge at the bottom. Probably favored by hackers for its high caffeine content.

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