A jade roll is a Chinese sweet, a soft slightly chewy thing, green on the outside with a core resembling fluid chocolate. The ones I have are about 1.5 cm wide and 10 cm long, and quite nice, not too sickly.

I happened to be in Chinatown today and passing a grocery, in which I got a number of tempting things most of which were entirely new to me, such as cuttlefish balls and dried lotus seeds. And one day when I'm feeling brave I'll open that kimchi. Now I'm not much of a sweet-eater, but these jade rolls were very handsome. Actually the outer tube looks like marzipan, but it's softer than that and nothing like it.

The ingredients are listed as rice flour, red bean paste, sugar, syrup, water, vegetable oil, pandan juice, and pandan essence. Clearly the inner chocolaty part is red bean paste, and the outer is glutinous rice. I learn from the node on pandan that it's the green element in the sweet.

E2 was much more helpful on the matter than the Web has been. Google has 16 hits, with another three duplicates. Most of these are about people called Jade, and the roll is often as not the verb from the next sentence; others are instructions to roll dice for a jade amulet. Several mentions of the food, in passing and without detail. One recipe: an Indian food site has a contribution sent in by someone from Mumbai, but this contains ginger, garlic, chilli, and what not. I think the common theme is merely "it's green, it's roll-shaped, it's east of Suez". Another site mentions jade roll as chef's pick at a Chinese restaurant in Mumbai called Ling's Pavilion.

And lastly this.

... stream from her pussy and onto the sheet. After a short while, Tony and Jade roll into the cowgirl position so Jade can madly thrust her body up and down to ...

This is one of those I mentioned before, right? Person called Jade just fortuitously next to the verb "roll". Move right along, nothing to see. But I wanted to know what the cowgirl position was, I'm sorry, I was weak.

It doesn't explain what the cowgirl position was, though I learnt there is a reverse cowgirl too.* What it does give is a very thorough scene-by-scene, nay, lick-by-lick and cum-by-cum review of an adult DVD called Buttfaced!, starring husband and wife team Michael Stefano and Jewel dé Nyle doing it. (And that's sic to for that authentic French touch of class.) In Scene 2 Mark does Jessie, in scene 3 Michael does Sunset, Tony does Jade in scene 4, and this brooding Bergmanesque masterpiece comes to its climax with a lesbian threesome. If you've ever wondered, does anyone, could anyone conceivably enjoy watching this muck, here's someone who gave it four and a half stars overall. Plus this...

The cumshot that concludes this memorable scene earns itself a place on my top ten all-time best cumshot list. Jewel moves back into the doggie position and then Michael jacks off a huge load directly into her open asshole. He uses his free hand to catch his cum so it won’t drip past her pussy onto the bed. Then, he scoops it out of her ass and off her pussy and FEEDS IT TO HER! You have to see this incredible scene. Five stars!

Sigh. And others make a living making quite nice little Chinese sweets called jade rolls. I think I'd have another one... if I hadn't just been put off my feed.

Recipe: http://www.tarladalal.com/ContributedRecipe.asp?id=613
Cumshot review: http://www.adultdvdreviews.com/viewreview.cfm?InventoryID=2216

* Oh my god, it's even noded!

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