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Sister Schubert's rolls are one of the finest U.S. southern delicacies actually sold in a supermarket. Sister's finest and most famous variety are the parker house style rolls, that make a fine addition to almost any uniquely southern meal. Sister Schubert's rolls come in a round tin filled with 12-16 small rolls. The middle rolls are always the best. You can find Sister Schubert's rolls in the freezer section of most southern supermarkets, you can also order them online at www.sisterschuberts.com, or you can order them by phone by calling 1-888-55-ROLLS.

Patricia "Sister" Schubert began Sister Schubert's in her own kitchen in Troy, Alabama in 1989. It all began when Patricia began making her famous parker house rolls for a small church frozen food fair. The first year the order was small at 80 pans. Over the next two years the orders exploded to over 300 pans. Patricia thinking that she might have a great recipe all families would enjoy, purchased an commercial mixer, 2 large conventional ovens, hired three helpers, and Sister Schubert's was born. Her kitchen became the bakery, and her dining room became the packaging area. Sister Schubert's first account was with Ingram's Curb Market in Troy, Alabama. About a month later Patricia was ready to expand her market to the surrounding areas. If a store agreed to sell her rolls, Sister herself would visit the store and hand out samples. Sister Schubert has made a success or her rolls and now has several varieties of breads, a cookbook, and cooking supplies.

Sister Schubert's products:

  • Parker House Style Yeast Rolls
  • Cheddar Yeast Rolls
  • Blueberry Yeast Rolls
  • Orange Yeast Rolls
  • Sausage Yeast Rolls
  • Southern Cornbread
  • Fly-off-the-Plate Pancake Mix
  • Cranberry Nut Bread


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