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Located in its namesake valley, the Pomona Valley. Pomona is a city located in Los Angeles County next to the San Bernardino County line. It is about 31 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

The central area of Pomona is in a general state of decay, while the southern area of Pomona known as Phillips Ranch is a large upper middle-class residential area. Cal Poly, by far one of the biggest employers in the city, is located on the city limits next to Walnut.

Pomona's original inhabitants were migratory Shoshone Indians, although a few permanent settlements did exist next to flowing springs that still exist. One at the corner of Town and San Bernardino Avenues and others at Ganesha Park, Indian Hill, and Mud Springs. San Gabriel Archangel, the local mission had jurisdiction over it starting in around 1771. In 1837 most of the area became Rancho San José and was divided up in 1846. Shortly there after the famous Butterfield Stage passed through the area. The Pomona of today was founded in 1875 by the Los Angeles Immigration and Land Co-operative with the intent of selling oranges.


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