At the end of the week, we all know groceries are going to be low. A couple of bread heels going stale, milk turning into cheese inside the bottle, and that lettuce that's been in the crisper for months now, and has gained sentience and is slowly trying to take over the fridge. This is when you realise you have some serious munchies, and that if you don't eat soon, you'll take a bite out of the plasterboard. This is the situation I was in not too long ago. After having a heavy day of chemistry exams, I was in no mood to do any particularly exciting cooking, and the local pizza place was closed for cleaning, so I was left up to my own devices to sate my food cravings. Rummaging through my cupboards, I discovered that my quantity of spices hadn't diminished at least. The only other things of any real nutritional value were a can of baked beans, and a tin of spicy corned beef. Now, I thought to myself, what were the main ingredients in chili again? Beef and beans? To the microwave! I tipped the can of baked beans into a microwavable jug, and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Whilst this was going, I took out half of the corned beef from the can, and broke it down fairly well. I took the beans from the microwave, threw in the corned beef, some cayenne pepper, some dried onions, tomato puree, and Tabasco sauce, stirred it around like hell, then threw it back in the nuker for a couple more minutes. I waited, and prayed the concoction I'd created wouldn't explode or burn a hole through the bottom of the counter. Oh, and I made some toast. I took the jug shakily from the microwave, and poured the mixture over the freshly buttered toast, and proceeded to dig in. And it was gooooood. Filled me up, almost burnt the roof of my mouth off, and since there were vegetables, was actually semi-nutritious. It goes well with rice of course, but it works with pasta, and of course, toast, for that real student feel. Oh, and a disclaimer, make sure you at least soak the dishes after you make this. It WILL weld itself to the plate, causing it to enter that washing-up limbo, where it's always in the sink but never gets clean.
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