Begginers skateboarding trick. The most basic pop shove it is a 180 pop shove it, simply spinning to board 180 degrees. Obviously you can do any degree pop shove its, 360 the most common, 540 a vert trick which has been seen a few times, 720 a very rare vert trick and anything over that seemingly impossible at the moment.

To execute a pop shove it you can do it two ways. Some find it easier to simply ollie as normal, others find it easier to ollie with your foot at a 45 degree angle inwards.
Whichever you find easier, ollie and then kick your foot back behind you, though not like a kickflip. With a kickflip you kick down, with a pop shove it you kick flat so that the board rotates rather than flipping. Once it has come around, 180 or 360, catch with both feet and land softly. You can do both a 180 and 260 pop shove it immobile. If you are a vert skater and you wish to try a 540 pop shove it do not use the angled foot method.

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