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Porings are small, pink jelly monsters in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online (a lot like your standard RPG slime, really). They're mostly found in the fields surrounding Prontera, Payon, Izlude, and in the Angelring field.

Porings are the ultimate "novice monster": if you play Ragnarok Online, then the first monster you kill will probably be either a Poring or (if you're near Morroc) a Drops. Porings only have 45 HP, and they have very weak attacks, so they're great for newbies to hunt down. The only trouble with Porings is how gosh darn annoying the little slimes are! They have an annoying tendency towards looting: when you kill a monster, if you don't get the items fast enough, a Poring will hop in and steal 'em from right under your nose. This can be easily remedied by just killing the Poring, but it's still annoying.

When killed, Porings usually drop Jellopy, Empty Bottles, and Apples. Occasionally, they'll drop rarer items such as Poring Card, Red Herb, Sticky Mucus, and Poring Doll.

all info gleaned from spending WAY too much time playing Ragnarok Online

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