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The method of running a police department in which collecting fines for various crimes is proliferated with quotas, (I.e. Bob, you need to write up 310 tickets this week or you get your two days off on tuesday and wensday and not saturday and sunday.) usually local governments which cause predatory policing make the vast majority of their money in traffic violations. Many times, violators aren't even breaking the law, but it's the police officers word against the violators.

Other times archaic laws are enforced with heavy fines that are generally not enforced, for instance cohabitation laws or missing hubcap laws, or more notoriously, Broken Tailight or broken headlight violations handed out when the light still worked but the protective sheath for the tailight or headlight still worked, enforcing the laws in a narrow fashion.

Although this is illegal, it's horrendously hard to prove in a court of law. It's dishonest, and if you cause this, then you should be ashamed of yourself for levying taxes in such an underhanded and illegal manner.
Of course, this would not be possible if people happened to follow the law, especially the traffic laws. If you're given a ticket for speeding, sure, it may be due to a quota or whatever reason, but if you weren't actually speeding in the first place, it's likely you would have never gotten one.

Sure, it may be wrong, but you're the one that has to make yourself a target.

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