The end result of getting caught by a police officer for violating the posted speed limit. It is generaly accepted that exceeding the limit by around 5 miles per hour will not garner a ticket. A fine is issued (which may be reduced in traffic court) based on how much the limit was broken. Tickets are also reported to insurance companies, who usualy raise thier rates based on a persons driving record.

A small note about how speeding ticket fines work in SoCal (to my knowledge). For each MPH you go over the speed limit, it's five bucks. So if you're caught going 75 MPH on a 65 MPH freeway, that's 10 MPH over, and $50 down the drain.

It costs extra if you don't pay on time and/or if you take traffic school. (That's not the cost of traffic school itself which is usually another 20-40 bucks, just the cost of the court having to process the fact you took traffic school)

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