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Sixth Form College in Guisborough, UK. Built around a listed building near St Nicholas' Church and within walking distance of the town centre and the local comprehensive school, Laurence Jackson. As a fairly well respected establishment, Prior as it is known to the locals attracts out-of-towners from Saltburn, Redcar, Marske, Whitby and Middlesbrough.

When I attended, there were about 1000 students split across two campuses - Priory campus Guisborough and South Park campus, Normanby, Middlesbrough. The latter has now closed down. It used to offer the usual mixed bag of A-levels, but now does the new AS and A2 level courses along with evening classes and GCSE resits.

The impression that I get from friends at university is that my college was one of the most relaxed and grown up colleges there are. Students had free time to study (most people at School 6th forms in the UK don't get this), there was no uniform so we had some pretty wacky dressers, and best of all there was no compulsory registration call in the mornings.

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