A professional gambler is someone who makes their living off of games offered in a casino setting. A majority of the population believes that it is impossible to make a living from gambling, but they would be mistaken.

A majority of professional gamblers are poker players. Second most popular among professionals is gambling on horse racing or sports. It is also possible, but less common, to make a living at Blackjack or even Video Poker.

A professional gambler would never play any of the unbeatable games in a casino, such as Roulette, Craps, Keno, Slot Machines, and most of the other casino games not mentioned above.

In general, anyone who is intelligent enough to make a living as a professional gambler would make much more money doing something else.

The highest quantity of professional gamblers would be found in Las Vegas. The second most popular place is probably California, because of its numerous card rooms. It is also possible to make a living in Atlantic City, Arizona, Connecticut, Mississippi, or any other state offering the games mentioned above.

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