Bees make two well known substances: bees wax and honey. They also make a sticky substance called propolis or bee glue. It is made from the sap of local plants mixed with their saliva. It is used to seal up cracks in the space that the bees are using for their hive. This can be a problem for the beekeeper since it makes it difficult opening the hive and removing individual frames. Some species of bees also use it to keep other insects out of their hives by spreading it around the entrances.

Not only is propolis bee glue (see Michalak's write-up), but according to the various 'health food' manufacturers it has almost magical properties as a product which stimulates the immune system. It is said to be provide protection against respiratory infections, colds, coughs, tonsilitis, halitosis and certain ulcers - apparently it stimulates phagocytosis and has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Propolis is rich in antioxidants especially bioflavinoids. It contains 16 amino acids, 14 of the 15 minerals required by man (not sulphur), and all the vitamins except Vitamin K.

If taken with royal jelly and honey it's a wonder that we are not immortal!

Proplis is available in capsule form from a health shop near you.

Pro"po*lis (?), n. L., fr. Gr. ; front + city.

Same as Bee glue, under Bee.


© Webster 1913.

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