Hive is a drum and bass/jungle/techno/whatever artist out of Los Angeles, California, and is not to be mistaken for The Hives, a Swedish garage-punk band.

If you're one of the other two people who've heard of Hive, it may be because Tom Fulp uses the song "Ultrasonic Sound" in Pico, the game of shooting up your classmates on the infamous Newgrounds site. This is where I was introduced to Hive, anyway, and the only reason I even know such a thing as drum'n'bass exists. "Ultrasonic Sound" is, by the way, an excellent song that defies categorization and boldy straddles several genres all at once, and I highly recommend it.

Zerotime says: Ultrasonic Sound was also used on The Matrix soundtrack, so they're probably a bit more well-known than you think. Strewth! Damn. And here I thought I was special.

However, there is still a dismaying lack of information about Hive on the internet. That's partly why this writeup's so long--I didn't feel a brief discography was enough. I've scraped together what I could find to bring you this discography/track listing, but if you know better than I and see any glaring errors or omissions, for Cthulhu's sake, please /msg me. Thank you.

Working With Sound (Mandala Recordings, 1997; re-release Celestial Recordings, 1999)
01. (All Over) The Prelude
02. Fallout
03. Mood Swings (Act I)
04. Steps Into The Light
05. Sphaira
06. Mood Swings (Act II)
07. A Suspended Greeting
08. Practice In Stillness
09. Dreaming Belize
10. Vaya Con Dios
11. The Sixth Element (bonus track)

Devious Methods (ffrr, 1998)
01. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
02. Ultrasonic Sound
03. Questionable Directions
04. A Chain Of Prophecies
05. Experiments In Synthetic Rhythm
06. Inside The Hive
07. Sci-Clone
08. Behold A Pale Horse
09. One Way Path
10. Devious Methods
11. Moves Within Time - (1st Movement)
12. Moves Within Time - (2nd Movement)
13. Moves Within Time - (3rd Movement)

Ultrasonic Sound 12" single (Vortex Recordings, 2000)
01. Ultrasonic Sound (Dillinja remix)

The Raw Uncut EP (Vortex Recordings, 2001)
A) Futura
B) The Raw Uncut
C) Defcon One (Remix)
D) Surreal Killer
E) Soundclash
F) Straight Razor (Technical Itch remix)

The Raw Uncut CD (ditto)
01. Futura
02. Soul Power (featuring T.C. Izlam)
03. Ultrasonic Sound (Dillinja Remix)
04. Surreal Killer
05. Defcon One (Remix)
06. The Raw Uncut
07. Soundclash

The Raw Uncut EP Sampler (&c.)
A) Surreal Killer
AA) Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Dillinja Remix)

Surreal Killer Remixes 12" (Violence Recordings, 2002)
A) Surreal Killer (Klute Remix)
B) Surreal Killer (Teebee Remix)

Fear & Loathing EP (Commercial Suicide, 2003)
A) Fear & Loathing (Hive & Echo)
B) Air Raid (Hive, John Tejada)
C) Ambush (Hive, John Tejada)
D) Death Valley (Hive & Echo)


Hive (?), n. [OE. hive, huve, AS. hfe.]


A box, basket, or other structure, for the reception and habitation of a swarm of honeybees.



The bees of one hive; a swarm of bees.



A place swarming with busy occupants; a crowd.

The hive of Roman liars. Tennyson.

Hive bee Zool., the honeybee.


© Webster 1913.

Hive, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Hived (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Hiving.]


To collect into a hive; to place in, or cause to enter, a hive; as, to hive a swarm of bees.


To store up in a hive, as honey; hence, to gather and accumulate for future need; to lay up in store.

Hiving wisdom with each studious year. Byron.


© Webster 1913.

Hive, v. i.

To take shelter or lodgings together; to reside in a collective body.



© Webster 1913.

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